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Feb 27, 2019

Although Catholic couples have been taking advantage of this option for years, most people aren't aware that you can have a Wishes Collection Disney wedding reception even if your ceremony is held off-site or at one of the non-Disney venues on property. As long as you meet the Wishes Food & Beverage and Enhancement minimums, you may plan your ceremony at another venue and still use Disney for such ceremony elements as floral, decor, transportation and photography.

On today's episode, Disney bride Nicole Wymyczak shares how she combined a ceremony at Disney Springs' Paddlefish with a reception at the Grand Floridian's Whitehall Room & Patio, plus a dessert party at Living Seas Salon and UK Lochside. Nicole offers pricing and planning info for Paddlefish, covers the logistics of integrating an off-site ceremony, and reveals how she kept the budget low via a savvy combination of DIY and outside vendors. She also speaks frankly about the problems with her dessert party and offers advice to help future Disney couples avoid a similar situation.