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May 29, 2019

When considering a Wishes Collection wedding at Walt Disney World, one of the top questions couples ask is, “Is it really possible to get married for the minimum expenditure listed on the website?” And for many, that answer is the one thing that will determine whether they have a Disney wedding.

On today’s show, Disney bride Jackie Hamilton joins me to discuss how to keep your Wishes wedding or vow renewal from going over Disney’s minimum expenditure requirements.

First we look at what those minimums are and which expenses apply toward them. Then, Jackie shares how she kept her wedding budget right at Disney’s minimums and still had room to splurge on the elements that meant the most to her—and how you can do it too! This includes lots of great tips on working with Disney to DIY floral and decor, even if your event is inside a theme park.

Finally, we discuss all the major ways to save money on a Wishes event, along with the smaller ways that can really add up!

  • CLICK HERE to download the super-detailed inventory list Jackie gave Disney with her DIY projects to ensure they were set up correctly!
  • CLICK HERE to see all the photos!