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Jun 17, 2020

Today, Michelle Demko shares the story of her Disney wedding ceremony at the Wedding Pavilion, cake and Champagne reception at Grand Terrace, meal at The Attic and dessert party at UK Lochside. By keeping their guest list small, Michelle & Brian were able to add fun extras like that fireworks dessert party, Cinderella's glass coach, and an appearance by Mickey & Minnie. Michelle shares how she and Brian chose their date and venues, what their favorite menu items were, and how they surprised their guests with a ride mix-in on Soarin’ after the dessert party. You’ll also hear how Michelle was able to get the sometimes-elusive Grand Terrace for the cake & Champagne ceremony, as well as how she felt about hiring Cinderella’s Glass Coach even though it was only available to pick them up after the ceremony.

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