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Nov 9, 2022

This week, Allison Lancaster shares the story of her Walt Disney World Railroad Train Station vow renewal and Grand Floridian Ballroom Salon II reception. Allison and Josh held seven events in five days at all four parks, including a welcome party at Tamu Tamu Courtyard with Safari ride mix-in at Animal Kingdom, a dessert party at Star Wars Launch Bay in Hollywood Studios, and a fireworks party at UK Lochside in EPCOT with mix-in on Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure! They also had a Beauty and the Beast-themed rehearsal dinner at the Whitehall Room and a dessert party at the Grand Floridian’s Sago Cay the night before the vow renewal so guests could watch Magic Kingdom’s fireworks. Today, Allison shares all her best planning tips for organizing multiple events!

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