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Jun 23, 2021

This week, Jasmine Navarro shares the story of her UK Courtyard ceremony and Terrace des Fleurs celebration at EPCOT. She and Stephen were originally told their first choice, the UK Pavilion, would be unavailable due to construction, and they chose the Wedding Pavilion instead. But when COVID-19 altered the park's plans, they were able to have their wedding in UK Courtyard after all! Today, Jasmine shares all the ways they were able to save money on the wedding so they could afford a portrait session inside Magic Kingdom, including choosing a weekday; taking their guests to Art Smith's Homecomin' instead of having a full reception; and passing on characters, floral and décor (except for Jasmine's bouquet, which was made by her mom!). You'll also hear Jasmine's top tip for anyone planning a Walt Disney World wedding.

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